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  • Gabriel Ribadeneira L

Basis Releases: 3/14/22

New Third Party Audiences for Canada

Basis is now connected Environics PRIZM data.

Environics Analytics is one of North America’s premier marketing and analytics services companies that help customers turn data and analytics into insight, strategy, and results.

Established in 2003, they offer the full range of analytical services—from data suppliers to strategic consultancy—and provide authoritative reports, software, and modeling approaches to solve business challenges.

PRIZM consists of 67 segments that capture current demographics, lifestyles, consumer behaviors, and settlement patterns in Canada. The system is built from the ground up using authoritative data from recognized suppliers like Statistics Canada, Canada Post, Canada Revenue Agency, Equifax, TomTom, Environics Research, and others.

Access these segments from the Third-Party Audiences tab in the Tactic editor.


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