• Aubrey Lehrmann

Basis Releases : 3/11/20

Send scheduled reports externally

You can now schedule Basis reports to be sent to external vendors and clients. Easily set up scheduled reports and knock off some of your recurring tasks. Re-purpose the time previously spent on these tasks and tackle some bigger to-dos!

Scheduled reports will include current delivery data and be sent according to your predetermined cadence.

How to create scheduled reports:

  1. Create a new report and choose your report type

  2. Check "Create Schedule"

  3. Add external recipients to "Email to contacts outside of agency"

More details on scheduled reports.

New ad size for DSP line items

We've added 600x400 ad size dimension for DSP line items. This new option allows buyers to take advantage of the larger format landscape ratio. Get more information on DSP Ad Specs here.

PMPs Default Screen

Execute your campaign with one of our 1,200 evergreen PMP deals. The PMP section of the inventory directory in the tactic editor now defaults to “Platform Deals” instead of “My Deals”.

Private Marketplace (PMP) deals can enhance your current media plans. Learn more about PMPs here. If you're new to PMPs, reach out to your Customer Success Manager for a great introduction!

To access PMP deals:

  1. Open the tactic editor

  2. Choose the Private Marketplace tab under Inventory

  3. Click "Add Deals"

  4. The inventory directory will open and default to "Platform Deals"

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