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Basis Releases: 2/9/22

Now Available: New Brand Safety Segments

Oracle Contextual Intelligence (Grapeshot) has expanded its app signals taxonomy, now including App Reviews and App Star Rating segments.

  • App Review: Target or avoid Mobile & CTV apps based on the number of reviews they have

  • App Star Rating: Target or avoid Mobile & CTV apps based on their average star ratings

These segments have a CPM of $0.25 and are located under Brand Protection: GrapeShot

The Importance of Brand Safety Today

In today’s ever-evolving online environment controversial content is becoming increasingly present, and consumers are more aware than ever. Brand safety continues to be top of mind for advertisers to ensure online campaigns avoid undesirable content and do not damage brand reputations. To learn more about the importance of brand safety in today’s online advertising ecosystem check out our blog: Brand Safety and Avoiding Controversy in Digital Advertising.

Contextual Targeting

Contextual targeting is widely known as a more traditional form of programmatic targeting, but is making a comeback largely because it can still be effective without the use of third-party cookies, which are being phased out by all major web browsers.

Google Topics API

Even Google, who is planning to remove third-party cookies in Chrome by 2023, has introduced a new “identity” solution, Topics API, which takes a more contextual/category approach to targeting individuals online. You can learn more about Google’s Topics API in our blog post: On the Topic of Google Topics

Product Spotlight: Contextual Insights Report

Contextual targeting can be one of the most powerful tools in programmatic advertising if utilized the right way.

Unique to Basis, the Contextual Insights Report helps identify the top-performing contextual segments for any campaign, even if contextual data isn't being targeted. These insights can be used to be more strategic with campaigns by optimizing and boosting performance, which is imperative to help prepare for a cookieless future!

How To Create a Report:

Step 1 Open the "Basis Menu" in the top left of your screen

Step 2 Select "Reports"

Step 3 Click "Actions" and select "Create Report"

Step 4 Select "Data Segment Report" from the drop-down

Step 5 Under Dimensions select "Tactic > Contextual Insights"

Detailed description and an example of the report are available here!


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