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Basis Releases: 2/16/22

Granular Conversions Now Available on the Selective Conversions Page

Basis users can now view Granular Conversions on the Selective Conversions page, providing more control of the conversions being tracked as well as gaining more complete reporting with a detailed breakout of conversion data.

The Granular Conversions displayed include Social (LinkedIn), Search (Microsoft Ads, Google Ads), and DSP conversions.

Support Issue Email Addresses

Basis users can now include additional email addresses when submitting a support issue.

  • Previously, the support outreach would only include the email of the user who submitted the issue.

  • Now, users can include all relevant parties (team members, managers, Customer Success Managers, etc.) who need to be informed of an issue’s progress.

  • Those included can communicate any additional insights they may have on an issue.

Analytics Page: Metric Definitions

The Analytics Page has a wide variety of metrics to review that may or may not be familiar to users. Now, nearly every metric within the Analytics page is complemented with the metric description and formula.

Now Available: Full-Screen Viewability Segments via DoubleVerify

DoubleVerify has introduced two new pre-bid viewability segments to help advertisers with viewability challenges and improve campaign performance on Connected TV.

  • With Fully On-Screen segments, advertisers can target inventory from sources that have DV’s Fully On-Screen Certification — confirming that impressions are only served in apps/environments that deliver full-screen TV ads.

These segments have a CPM of $0.20 and are located under Brand Protection:

Interested in Learning More About Connected TV?

Visit our website or check out our suite of CTV content in our Resource Center.

Inventory Update: Yahoo! Mobile Exchanges

Yahoo! Mobile Exchanges are no longer available in Basis as programmatic inventory sources. This includes Verizon: Mobile, Oath: Mobile, and Nexage.

Important to note: Basis users can still serve on Yahoo’s owned and operated inventory through other exchanges we are integrated with.

  • There is potential for an integration between Basis and Yahoo! Exchange, but for now, the inventory is unavailable.

  • Basis is integrated with 40+ exchanges and provides access to 60,000+ sites.


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