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Basis Releases: 12/9/20

Campaign Creation

Building campaigns is now easier and faster with the option to include DSP groups and tactics when using the "Create campaign from existing" function.

Joe Loar, Manager, Paid Media + Display from Fathom helped us test this feature; her response was: "THIS IS THE GREATEST THING EVER. Thank you so much for enabling this for us! Saved so much time".

To use the new option -

  • Click on Create Campaign

  • Select Create campaign from existing

  • Find the campaign you want to work with

  • When you choose a media plan, you will have the option to include DSP groups and tactics with optimization rules (if applicable).

More information on how to create campaigns is available in our help center

Labels for Basis Assistant

Learn more about how your time is being spent with the new labels function for Basis Assistant.

When entering an update into Basis Assistant you can add one or many labels, similar to how you add a #hashtag to a social media post. Labeling notes allows you to gain insight into what you and your coworkers are doing, giving you the opportunity to generate efficiencies across your team, identify training opportunities, learn about how your resources are being used, and much more!

You choose the labels you use. A good starting point to determine what labels to use is to consider:

  • What do I (and my organization) want to track or measure?

  • What do I (and my organization) need to collect more information about?

You can then create labels for different categories, for example:

  • Optimization type: did you change the inventory, targeting parameter, or bid? Create a label for each so you can learn which type of optimization you are making more frequently.

  • Audience: is the note you are entering in Basis Assistant for internal communication or something you want to recall for an external report? Having these labels will help you filter the notes in the future so you know what to include.

  • Type: are you using Basis Assistant to keep track of your tasks? Are the notes you enter activities you need to do, an action you have completed, or a change your end-client has requested you to do?

  • Role: associate the notes to the role of the person who is making them - is it the coordinator, the manager, or the director who is entering these notes?

Our testing group shared their favorite aspect of labels with us:

Training opportunities

"Labels can be a way to create suggestions for future campaigns and coaching purposes – by entering notes in Basis Assistant with ideas on what we could have done to improve performance or what we’ve learned and label them accordingly."

- Josh Hill, Digital Marketing Manager

Resource Management

"Labels will allow us to analyze ourselves, identify where and how we are spending our time and how we can create efficiencies. We will be able to provide valuable feedback to our management team on how time is spent in each account we manage."

- Bryn Coan, Digital Media Manager, Lead Marketing Agency


"I was surprised and excited you can create your own labels based on your specific needs, rather than have pre-set labels – as other platforms do. This customization option allows us to create labels in a way that is helpful for our specific workflow."

- Greyson Scudder, Digital Media Buyer, The Ramey Agency

You can add labels to new or existing notes, watch a demo below!

Not using Basis Assistant yet? Install it today!

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