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Basis Releases: 12/2/20

Related Audiences

Related Audiences give you the scale and performance needed to meet your campaign's KPIs, and provide a good alternative to choosing third-party segments based on intuition or by chance.

Typically, the best performing campaigns are those that leverage first-party data, however, these can often lack scale. Basis addresses this issue by allowing you to find users who share qualities with those who have already engaged with your products or services.

Basis uses proprietary lookalike modeling technology to recommend third-party segments based on the first-party audiences you are targeting, scoring each suggestion based on its similarity.

Scores greater than 100 indicate that users in each third-party audience have a greater probability to be like users in the existing first-party audience.

Additional information about this feature is available in our Help Center.

Basis Assistant

We asked our users how Basis Assistant is helping their roles, here is what they shared!

Workflow Automation

“Basis Assistant recognizes the time, date and platform in which we make a change, and the logos in each note make it easy to quickly browse through the notes and identify where the change took place.”

- Emily Gagnon, Digital Media Specialist, Lead Marketing Agency

Campaign Performance

“We want to give our clients information on the value we provide, and specifics about the activities we do day-to-day to drive campaign success. Basis Assistant allows us to log all those actions in detail and compile a written report we can share with our clients.”

- Taylor Watters, VP, Watts Media

Communication & Documentation

“We’ve got a team of channel specialists that execute campaigns. Before Basis Assistant we were using Google Sheets and were individually, and separately, logging optimizations which were extremely time-consuming. Basis Assistant now makes it so easy to log a quick note and keep everything streamlined.”

- Sarah Reader, Paid Media Strategist, Insight

Whether it’s running a programmatic campaign in the open exchange, buying impressions in a social media platform, or creating a report in a dashboarding tool – your team can input notes from all these sources in Basis Assistant without switching programs.

Install Basis Assistant today!

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