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Basis Releases: 11/4/20

Peer39 Hotspex Segments

Peer39 has expanded its marketplace partnerships to include intelligence from Hotspex. Their technology is used to produce positive sentiment segments that evoke feelings of Knowledge, Nurturing, Inspiration, Trustworthiness, Friendliness, and Creativity. These segments allow buyers to align their ads with articles that evoke these feelings.

Peer39 + Basis also provide contextual targeting for:

  • Categories (seasonal, interest, custom),

  • Page Signals (viewability, fraud, content richness, etc)

  • Safety (including COVID-19 segments)

  • NewsGuard (provides a highly unique rating data set that scores publishers on their credibility).

These segments can be added to any campaign from the contextual targeting section of the tactic editor.

Basis Assistant

Our users shared their best-practices with us!

"I’ve established a note-taking convention that works for me and my team. One that outlines the change from A to B – what did I do, what is the tactic, what was before, what is after. Knowing that I increased a bid tells me something but knowing that I increased it by 20%, 30% or 50% tells me a more complete story." - Greyson Scudder, Digital Media Buyer, Ramey.

Greyson suggests this method as it helps him understand his notes better when a campaign ends. It's easier for him to have all the information in a single note rather than going through multiple ones to see the last time he made a change to the same targeting parameter. His notes are more comprehensive when he notes the status before and after the change is applied.

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