• Gabriel Ribadeneira L

Basis Releases: 10/15/20

Domain Lists

Whether you are creating an allow or block-list for your tactic, now you can enter twice as many apps or domains in it - up to 100,000! Simply upload a TXT or CSV file with domains or apps separated by commas, semicolons, or line breaks and Basis takes care of the rest! Domain lists are an effective targeting strategy that allow:

  • Control: Choose exactly which apps and domains you want your ads to run on.

  • Optimization: Use lists to target specific high-performing apps and domains, or to remove inventory that isn't delivering the desired outcome.

  • Brand protection: Domain lists help your ads run next to the content you believe in, eliminating the potential of them being served next to content that doesn't align with your brand.

Basis Assistant Updates

Is the Assistant covering a portion of your screen? Re-position it!

Whether it's on minimized or maximized state, you can switch which side of your screen you want Basis Assistant to appear on. You can switch back and forth as many times as you want, no matter which platform you are working on (Basis, Facebook Ads Manager, GDS, etc).

Basis Assitant helps you keep track of all the changes you make to your campaigns and share this information with your team - install the extension today!

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