• Aubrey Lehrmann

Basis Releases : 1/15/20


When a line item is copied (or duplicated), the groups and tactics are also copied along with it. This applies to copying multiple or single line items.

Pasting Notes:

Users can only paste within the same client and brand

  • In Planning Mode, users can paste to a different campaign under same client and brand, but if they try to paste to a campaign in different client and brand, this error will appear: “You cannot paste into a different client and brand”

Error Pasting

  • If groups and tactics fail to paste after save, message says that "Group(s) and tactic(s) did not paste. Try again."


  • In revision mode, users can copy/paste and duplicate line items, but they will not include the corresponding groups and tactics

Line Items with Start Dates in the Past

  • If a user copies a line item with a start date in the past, when they paste, the line item start date and end date will be empty, but the group and tactic will carry over start date and end date

Line Items with Starts Dates in the Future or Today

  • If a user copies a line item with a start date that is today or in the future, when they paste, the start date and end date for line item, group, and tactics will all be carried over

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