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  • Aubrey Lehrmann

Basis Releases : 1/15/19

Approve Media Plan with Empty Properties (Property without a Line Item)

Users can approve a media plan where a property doesn’t have any line items included.

Cancel Line Items (Passed start date & Without Delivery)

Users can cancel Line Items that have passed their start date when they have no delivery

How To:

  1. Create a Revision

  2. Click to edit the property

  3. Click the three stacked dots menu to the left of the line item

  4. Click “Cancel”

Additional Info:

When in a revision in the Planning Screen, users can cancel line items

  • If line items have spend(or if the Groups and Tactics have spend), the user will be prompted with an error

  • Line items will appear cancelled in the media plan until it is approved

  • Users cannot edit cancelled line items

Users must approve the Media Plan to complete the “Cancel” action

  • Note that there is the potential scenario where the line item has accumulated spend between the user's “cancel” action and their media plan approval. In this scenario, the user will be prompted with an error at the time of approval.

  • Approved media plans will remove line items from view

  • Cancelled line items do not appear in billing reports

Hiding Canceled Line Items

  • When a line item is canceled in "Edit"/Revision mode and Saved, it will appear canceled and stay in view, if "Canceled" is selected in “View Settings”, until the media plan is approved

  • When a line item is canceled in "Edit"/Revision mode and Saved, it will disappear from view, if "Canceled" is NOT selected in “View Settings”

Provide Archive Reason to Vendors

In an effort to reduce any back and forth on an archived (and otherwise “hidden” from view) campaign, the user-selected Archive Reason will be provided to the vendor in Notifications and through the vendor Dashboard Activity Feed.

Save Terms & Conditions at the Client Level

Only Available to Select Clients

  • Users with “Agency Management” Permissions can now upload a Terms & Conditions agreement at the Client level

  • Users with “Client Approval” and “Vendor IOs” Permissions now have the ability to select which Terms & Conditions will be sent with the IO to the Vendor

Uploading Client T&C:

  1. Click into “Agency Account” from the menu

  2. Click on “Clients/Brands”

  3. Click on the client name that you want to apply client-specific T&Cs

  4. There is a new tab called “Terms & Conditions” (A) – click on this tab to add client-specific T&Cs (B)

Sending an IO:

  1. After approval, when in the IO screen, there is a new tab called “Terms & Conditions” (A)

  2. Click on the “Terms & Conditions” tab. There is a drop-down that defaults to the client-specific T&Cs (B)

  3. Click on the drop-down to see the other options for T&Cs (C)

Additional Information:

Uploading Client T&C:

  • The client must already be created to upload T&Cs at the Client level

  • The T&Cs file can be uploaded and deleted in the T&Cs tab after clicking on the Client

  • Basis will only allow one file to be uploaded

  • If a user wants to replace the current file, they will have to delete the existing file and upload another one

Sending an IO:

  • T&Cs will default to Client (if available), then to Vendor (if available), then to Agency

  • Users will see the “Terms & Conditions” tab next to the IO Summary from where they can select which T&C they wish to send with the IO

  • The “Name” input by the user during Terms & Conditions upload will appear in the T&Cs dropdown

  • Basis will not remember the previously selected T&Cs in the last IO

  • The selected T&Cs will return to the default, Client (if available), then to Vendor (if available), then to Agency, and the user would have to select the preferred T&Cs again

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