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Basis Releases: 09/29/21

Conversion Tracking

Improvements have been made to add clarity about which conversions are being tracked, which ones aren't, and which are available for tracking. Filtering by Delivery Sours is also now available. more improvements to come to the Message Center in the coming months!

Learn more about conversion tracking here.

CTV and Audio Inventory

Beachfront and Targetspot are now available in Basis!

Beachfront brings premium Connected TV supply. Connected TV is more convenient, has premium programming, and is a cost-effective way to reach a TV audience. Learn more about it here.

Targetspot is an audio-only exchange with access to over 150 publishers, worldwide. Audio advertising offers a way for users to consume media as actively or passively as they please. Ads can be pure audio or can also have a companion ad as an added visual. Learn more about the audio advertising opportunity here.

Inventory Directory

The Inventory Directory can now be found in the main Basis menu.

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