• Gabriel Ribadeneira L

Basis Releases: 09/15/21

Message Center

Keep your Message Center clear of unneeded messages. Now you can archive correspondence, and maintain a decluttered and concise Message Center.

Important notes:

  • This will remove the message from everyone's message thread, not just yours.

  • Any archived messages will be moved to an Archived section of Message Center, you can un-archive messages at any point if you need to!

  • Any attachments included in the original message will be archived with the message.

  • The recipients of the message will not be able to see the message once it's archived. However, they will be presented with a message that says "Message was archived by _Your Name_ on _Date_ at _Time_." that will live within the context of the thread.

  • Any automated email that the recipient of the archived message receives will take them to Message Center with the message above.

Expect more improvements to come to the Message Center in the coming months!

Contextual Targeting

Spiketrap and Comscore are introducing new gaming-focused segments into Comscore’s Predictive Audiences category. You can apply these to your campaigns from the Contextual Targeting tab in the Tactic Editor.

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