• Gabriel Ribadeneira L

Basis Releases: 09/09/21

Ad Serving Screen

All customization options in a single location! Choose what information you want to see in your Ad Serving screen using the following options.

Basis Provided Views

This default view includes Ad Tag name, Size, Format, Type, Start & End Date, Line Item Name, Vendor Name, Property Name, Channel, and Ad Server.

Saved Views

When you've arranged the Ad Serving's screen in a way you would want to use again, you can save your filters and columns as a view.

1. In the Ad Serving screen apply filters, customize columns, and sort the columns to create your custom view.

2. Open the settings menu next to the view and click Save as new view.

3. Give your view a View Name and click Save.

4. Open the view's settings menu and click Save changes to selected view to update changes made to a view.


Density refers to the height of the row you see on the screen; switching between these allows you to have more or fewer rows in your window.

  • In Compact mode, the rows are about 30px in height.

  • In Default mode, the rows are about 38px in height.

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