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  • Aubrey Lehrmann

Basis Releases: 06/30/21

Campaign Analytics

Several functions have been added to Campaign Analytics to help you navigate this screen and analyze your campaign's performance.

  • Customize columns and saved views have now been moved under the new settings icon.

  • You can now choose the density of all tables when viewing the new analytics screen.

  • In Compact mode, the rows are about 30px in height.

  • In Default mode, the rows are about 38px in height.

Learn about other updates to the New Analytics Screen here



Contextual Insights Report is a new feature in Basis, unique to Centro! At any time, you can pull a report for your tactics to see which segments are generating the most actions (clicks, conversions, video completions) so they can be targeted. Then, you can make changes to your tactics and optimize accordingly.

  • To access the report, open the Basis menu in the top left of your screen and select Reports. Then, click on Actions and select Create Report. Create a new Data Segment Report and select Tactic > Contextual Insights as the dimension.

Learn more about this new feature here!


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