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Basis Releases: 06/16/21

Campaign Analytics

Several functions have been added to Campaign Analytics to help you navigate this screen and analyze your campaign's performance.

  • All tactics within a line item can now be viewed by navigating to Line Item/Tactic Split view.

  • Filter by Line Item Status (Completed, Live, Upcoming).

  • You can add Line Item status to customize columns and apply Line Item views.

  • Additional Metrics have been added to the delivery source view.

  • Num of Interactions

  • Viewable Impressions

  • Measurable Impressions

  • Audio/Video Starts

  • Hover over the "Win Rate" metric for a tooltip, for an explanation of the metric.

  • Access the Export function by clicking on the export icon instead of under the Actions button.

Learn about other updates to the New Analytics Screen here.

PMP Deals

  • Historical eCPM performance for PMP deals can now be viewed in the deal analytics card of each PMP deal. Learn more about PMP deals in Basis by clicking here.

Contextual Targeting

Peer39, one of Centro's contextual targeting partners, has expanded its marketplace partnerships to now include in-market segments. These segments help you reach the automotive and CPG target audience while they are in consideration moment. Click here to learn more about Centro's contextual targeting partners.

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