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Basis Releases: 03/03/21

Campaign Analytics

Basis' Campaign Analytics screen has been updated to include:

  • A split-screen design

  • A table layout that organizes information in sortable columns that can be added or removed as needed

  • The ability to customize and save views the way you can in the Campaigns screen

  • Pre-set views for delivery, performance, and pacing

  • Navigation ease through breadcrumbs that let you move back a level

  • New metrics and filtering options

These changes have been applied to facilitate the way you analyze data, sort through metrics, and evaluate performance across different campaigns and channels. In the coming weeks you can expect the following functions to be added:

  • Bulk Edit of Group and Tactics

  • Vendor Performance Alert

  • Add-ons

  • Adjustments

  • Comments

  • Sort by Pacing

For an overview of the screen watch the video below, or click here to go to our Help Center.

Basis Tip:

Customize your screen using the Save View option. This will keep the structure you prefer to analyze performance and evaluate campaigns. You can save multiple views based on your different needs! With new metrics available to you, explore which ones benefit you the most and include them in your saved views.

The Analytics screen you are familiar with has been renamed Analytics Legacy; it will be deprecated in May 2021.

Video Inventory

Basis is now integtred with Tubi an Vidoomy.

Tubi is FOX’s ad-supported streaming platform running across 25+ platforms and devices. Note that there is no open market bidding on Tubi. Fear not! A run-of-network deal has already been added to the Platform Deals library, and more granular package deals will be available soon.

Vidoomy expands your reach into LatAm through direct access to a large number of local publishers and to a lesser extent Europe, the US, and other regions. These integrations are a part of our supply path optimization strategy, giving you access to more high-quality video supply. Doing a direct integration gives us the opportunity to improve efficiency by:

  • Increasing the number of unique impression opportunities/scale (same volume, but without duplicates)

  • Reducing middleman fees/ad tech tax

  • Having better visibility into supply chain for fraud/quality purposes

Contextual Targeting

Now you can access Comscore's Predictive segments.

Comscore’s patent-pending Predictive Audiences are the industry’s first cookie-free targeting capability that enables advertisers to reach audiences based on granular consumer behavior through privacy-friendly contextual signals. With third-party cookie deprecation fast approaching, advertisers and agencies need new solutions to ensure their campaigns continue to reach the right audiences.

Reach audiences that are aligned to your campaign goals based on age and gender demographics, TV viewership, OTT consumption, and consumer behaviors such as automotive purchase data, location data, and non-FCRA financial data.

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