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Basis Releases: 01/28/21

Expanded location targeting

Basis' geotargeting functionality has been upgraded to include more granular locations.

No immediate action is required on your end; tactics will continue bidding.

To ensure a smooth transition to our new location taxonomy, you will see many prompts to guide you as you add and edit location targeting including the following:

  • If you edit the Country, Region, or City of a tactic that was created before January 27, 2021, you will have to re-select the locations for that tactic.

  • You can copy and paste a tactic that includes legacy location targeting. As with all other tactics, you must remove the legacy locations if you want to edit the tactic's location targeting.

  • If you choose to edit the tactic before pasting, the location targets will not carry over, and you will have to add targets using the new locations if needed.

  • Location sets that contain legacy locations cannot be added to new tactics. You must recreate old sets using the new locations.

  • Scheduled geo reports will continue to generate reports as expected. However, the Region field will be replaced by Primary Region and Secondary Region in reports with a start date after April 1, 2020.

  • No additional actions are required for current or future tactics targeting hyperlocal points, Zip/Postal/DMA codes, or geopolitical locations.

For more information about location targeting in Basis, visit our Help Center

Design Updates

Basis has a new look! The features and buttons you are used to are located in the same places with an updated design. A couple of features were moved and improved: Breadcrumbs and Campaign status.

Breadcrumbs appear to the left of the page title and are clickable, making it easy to return to a previous page. For example, when inside of a media plan, clicking the “Campaigns” breadcrumb returns you to your list of campaigns.

Campaign status is found underneath the page title and breadcrumbs. It was previously in the right-hand corner, next to the “Comments” and “Messages” buttons.

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