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Basis Releases: 01/20/21

CTV Contextual Targeting

Peer39’s contextual CTV offering is now available in Basis, giving you more data and intelligence on inventory. These segments have a CPM of $1.50 and can be found in the tactic editor, under contextual targeting: Peer39 > OTT


  • Confidence in knowing what you’re targeting with CTV-OTT impressions

  • Avoid non-OTT content in CTV environments like mobile apps, or lower-quality content.

  • Drive efficiencies–through reduced friction, and increased speed to execute

  • Discover your audience by expanding beyond linear TV strategies and identifying new content available in CTV

  • Peer39 CTV-OTT categories are self-learning and auto-update directly into your DSP.

Segments are classified into 8 categories:

  • App Store - Apple, Google Play, Roku, etc

  • Device Platform - Laptop/Desktop, CTV (Tivo, AirTV, Apple TV, etc), Mobile, Tablet

  • OTT Service - Fubo, Hulu, IPTV, etc

  • Content-Type - Cable TV/ CHannel, Clips/Video Sharing, Movies,

  • Production Type - Professional, User Generated, Mixed, etc

  • Broadcast Type - VOD, Linear (live) TV, Unknown

  • Content Category - Auto, DIY, Entertainment, etc

  • Revenue Type - AVOD, SVOD, TVOD

CTV viewership has seen a steady incline in the US, eMarketer's 2020 video report estimates that 206.2 million people in the US viewed CTV content at least once per month in 2020 and expects this number to grow to 212.5 million in 2021. Without a question, this channel is no longer a marginal one for marketers - now, more than ever, it's imperative to incorporate CTV in your media mix. Learn more about the benefits of CTV here.

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