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Basis Releases: 01/13/21

Supply Path Optimization

In 2019, the International Advertising Bureau (IAB) rolled out a strategic initiative in an effort to root out ad fraud and encourage greater transparency through the RTB supply path. With this mandate, Centro’s Supply Path Optimization strategy focuses on minimizing the number of partners it takes to deliver an ad, reducing the duplicative efforts of advertisers, and giving media buyers additional inventory controls. By operationalizing our new requirements in parallel with our ongoing enforcement of ads.txt and app-ads.txt, Centro’s actions clean, shorten, and streamline the programmatic ad ecosystem’s supply chain.

Today, media buyers have three additional controls in the Domain tab of the Tactic Editor, under Supply Path Optimization, choose:

  1. Exclude sites and apps without Ads.txt: By default, tactics bid on authorized supply paths for sites and apps that participate in Ads.txt, and any supply path for sites and apps that do not participate in Ads.txt. Enabling this option will exclude sites and apps without Ads.Txt. Learn more about Ads.txt here.

  2. Target direct publisher relationships only: Default settings allow targeting inventory with no restrictions on the number of hops and completeness of the supply chain. When enabled, the tactic will only bid on bid requests where the Supply Chain object is present, marked as complete, and contains no more than one hop.

  3. Opt-out of Supply Quality filtering: Enabling this option opts the tactic out of DSP's default supply quality filtering. This may expose your tactic to low-quality supply paths and is not recommended.

Centro's supply-chain policy enforces robust rules for receiving inventory, by which Basis doesn't accept traffic:

  • That passes through objectionable intermediaries

  • From lengthy supply chains

  • When intermediaries resell to other intermediaries

In 2020, this initiative drove Basis to directly integrate with Nexstar Digital, EMX Digital, Mediavine, Unity, ironSource, OpenWeb, as result, we:

  • Increase the number of unique impression opportunities/scale (same volume, but without duplicates)

  • Reduce middleman fees/ad tech tax

  • Have better visibility into the supply chain for fraud/quality purposes

  • Give you more integrations without an increase in hosting costs

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