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Basis Releases: 01/06/21

DoubleVerify - New Taxonomy

In September 2018, the 4A’s Advertiser Protection Bureau (APB) released a Brand

Safety Floor and a Brand Suitability Framework to approach brand safety and suitability based on risk levels.

Starting this year, DoubleVeify is introducing a brand safety system based on risk, that balances precision and scale. DoubleVerify’s Brand Suitability Tiers provide the right level of protection across media buys, catering to individual client needs, and sensitivities. The new taxonomy breaks down 13 segments into three levels of risk: High, Medium, and Low.

  1. Crime

  2. Aviation Disasters

  3. Drug Abuse

  4. Alcohol

  5. Human-Made Disasters

  6. Tobacco & eCigarettes

  7. Terrorism

  8. Hate Speech & Cyberbullying

  9. Adult & Sexual

  10. Violence

  11. Vehicle Disasters

  12. Profanity

  13. Natural Disasters

Example of Tiered Segment:

'Safe from Vehicle Disasters - High Risk' will avoid High-Risk content only

'Safe from Vehicle Disasters - High & Medium Risk' will avoid High & Medium Risk content

'Safe from Vehicle Disasters - High, Medium & Low Risk' will avoid all three types of content

Basis will now present this options in the tactic editor for you to align your ads with the content you desire most.

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