• Gabriel Ribadeneira L

Contextual Targeting

Comscore's Predictive Audiences have been expanded to include segments based on automotive and B2B data from Polk and Eyeota. These segments have a CPM of $0.35 and are located under contextual targeting: Comscore Content Activation > Predictive Audience.

Comscore’s patent-pending Predictive Audiences are the industry’s first cookie-free targeting capability that enables advertisers to reach audiences based on granular consumer behavior through privacy-friendly contextual signals. With third-party cookie deprecation fast approaching, advertisers and agencies need new solutions to ensure their campaigns continue to reach the right audiences.

Reach audiences that are aligned to your campaign goals based on age and gender demographics, TV viewership, OTT consumption, and consumer behaviors such as automotive purchase data, location data, and non-FCRA financial data.

Audience Targeting

Claritas’s standard/syndicated taxonomy is now available in Basis. With a CPM ranging between $0.80 to $1.50, these segments can be found in the Third Party Audiences section of the tactic editor.

The audiences are primarily sourced from offline data capturing auto, financial, insurance, telecom/technology, retail, restaurant and lifestyle behaviors and attitudes, and Epsilon household demographics. Leveraging their comprehensive graph, Claritas' audiences are actionable across multiple channels and are privacy-compliant while using a complementary mix of proprietary and third-party data suited for many industries

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  • Aubrey Lehrmann

  • Gabriel Ribadeneira L

Campaign Analytics

Several functions have been added to Campaign Analytics to help you navigate this screen and analyze your campaign's performance.

At the Channels level -

  • Add-ons has been added as a channel.

At the Line Item level -

  • Click on the contextual menu to Send vendor alerts, Adjust delivery, and/or Adjust spend.

  • Net Data Spend and AV Completion Rate (%) have been added as metrics.

  • Search, Social, and Direct line items now show Vendor and Property columns by default.

Note: You can modify what information you want to see using the Customize Columns option of each section (Channels, Line Items, Groups, Tactics) and store these in Basis as a saved view. Learn how to with this video.

  • View and add comments at the line item level by clicking on the dialogue icon.

  • Click on Hide line item to remove the capstone, you can unhide this at any moment.

At the Group level -

  • Having a full-screen view of all the tactics within a group can be done by

  • Clicking on the group name in the Group/Tactic split view

  • Clicking on the contextual menu next to the group name and selecting the View Tactics (real-time data) option

  • Bulk editing options and in-line editing of Start and End Dates are now available both at the Group and Tactic level

At the Tactic level -

  • Optimization Type and Optimization Status have been added as default columns.

  • Optimization KPI Type and Optimization KPI Goal can be added through the customize columns option.

Still to come -

  • More metrics at the Line Item, Group, and/or Tactic level - Ad Size, Delivery Source type, Media Contracted Rate, Contracted Impressions, and others.

  • Ability to view future Group flight dates

  • Pacing at the Tactic level

  • Distinguish net vs gross numbers

  • Navigation improvements

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