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  • Aubrey Lehrmann
  • Aubrey Lehrmann

KPIs and Goals now available in Insights

KPIs and Goals are critical to the success of any campaign. Those key fields can now be found in Insights and analyzed with hundreds of other metrics and levels.

To use these new fields:

  1. Open Insights and select new report

  2. Search or locate one or more of the new fields

  3. Drag the field(s) over to Rows or Columns

Get more information on Insights here.


Send scheduled reports externally

We recently released a feature that lets you send scheduled reports externally. Those reports will now contain a public link that expires 72 hours after the e-mail is received.

More details on scheduled reports.

  • Aubrey Lehrmann

Create a campaign from any screen

Build a new campaign from any screen in Basis! This new feature provides quick and easy way to create a new campaign at anytime.

To create a new campaign:

  1. Simply click on the plus sign in the upper right corner.

  2. Choose create campaign or create a campaign from an existing campaign.

Learn more about creating campaigns.

Optional Initiatives layer

With this release, Initiatives are now optional. Initiatives add a helpful layer of organization and reporting and are very useful for complex hierarchies or multiple business goals.

For example, a large retailer may have focuses on both branding and sales and could be structured with or without the Initiatives layer below.