• Aubrey Lehrmann

A Webinar Miniseries From the Home Office

Every Thursday from April 9th through May 7th at 1:30 ET / 12:30 CT / 10:30 PT

Join Us for This Week's Webinar - Part 1: Advertising through Crisis Covid-19 has changed our world, and the economy is experiencing unprecedented change across all industries. Join us as we speak with industry experts to address how specific verticals are pivoting in real-time to adapt. Each week, we’ll focus on a different industry, and share strategies based upon consumer trends and changes in media consumption. Register for this week's and all upcoming webinars below!

Miniseries Breakdown

PART 1: APRIL 9th // Advertising Through Crisis Centro's president and 20-year industry veteran, Tyler Kelly, will discuss the overall impact of Covid-19 on the media industry, identify emerging opportunities within the advertising landscape, and share how Centro is looking forward to the new normal. Tune in to hear what advertisers should actually be doing during a crisis—you might be surprised! Register Here

PART 2: APRIL 16th // State of QSRs

Dining in has come to a grinding halt. Learn how quick service restaurants are pivoting their branding, messaging, and advertising strategies to reach their audiences, while remaining sensitive to a turbulent economic landscape. Register Here

PART 3: APRIL 23rd // State of Pharma and Health

Programmatic has changed the way pharma and healthcare companies speak to their consumers. Now more than ever, these companies need impactful ways of reaching audiences. We’ll cover the the dos and don’ts of leveraging data and programmatic technology to activate the right segments. Register Here

PART 4: APRIL 30th // State of CPG

Consumption habits and buying mechanisms for consumers have changed overnight. How should CPG advertisers shift strategy to ensure they’re meeting their customers’ needs? Register Here

PART 5: MAY 7th // State of Education

E-learning and online coursework strategies have become the new norm. Whether this is a temporary phenomenon or not, we know that the need for online coursework isn’t going away anytime soon. We’ll speak to how educational institutions are adjusting to meet the changing needs of their students. Register Here

  • Gabriel Ribadeneira L

Access to Peer39's self-serve UI

Create custom Peer39 segments directly in their UI; once created, the segment will appear in Basis in a few minutes.

Peer39’s technology analyses the relationship between words on a page, the content of a video, or in an app, ensuring appropriate classification. As people’s time and attention become more fragmented, Peer39 believes that to succeed, you need as much contextual understanding of your audience as possible.

To get started, contact your customer support manager.

Resolved Comments

Keep a record and review any comments you've already resolved. The comments feature lets you add notes to the line items you are working on, and optionally, tag other members who need to act on them.

Learn more about using comments

  • Gabriel Ribadeneira L

Viewability measurement for native ads

Starting today, Basis can report on viewability for native ads running on TripleLift. Native ad impressions are considered viewable if at least 50% of pixels are on screen for at least one second at any point after the ad has rendered.

Important notes:

  1. If you choose to measure viewability, standard viewability fees will apply.

  2. Viewability measurement will only be billed for native ads served on TripleLift. Campaigns can buy native ads across multiple exchanges without fear of being billed for viewability measurement that cannot occur.

  3. Measurement is only supported for native ads uploaded directly to Basis, not for those created through the TripleLift creative wizard. Enabling viewability for these is not recommended.

  4. Viewability measurement for additional native ad exchanges is expected in the future.

Learn more about viewability.

Associate campaigns to the correct initiative

Duplicate initiatives within the same agency have been amended to include the client and brand. This avoids nesting a campaign in the incorrect initiative when using the new campaign creation workflow.