• Gabriel Ribadeneira L

Delivery Screen

Multiple updates have been made to the Delivery Screen to enhance its functionality:

  • Added rows on line items to indicate channel type, property, and vendor

  • Added "Cancel" button (in addition to "Save" bar)

  • Added filter by channel to Delivery screen

  • Updated delivery source counter to indicate the number of delivery sources selected


Basis is now directly integrated with Unity exchange. Unity is the world’s most widely used real-time development platform, giving developers the tools to create rich 2D and 3D games and experiences. Over 50% of new mobile games and over 60% of all AR/VR is built with Unity.

Unity reaches 1.9 billion devices globally providing a large scale for mobile campaigns including video, playable, interstitials, and banners. With this direct integration you benefit from:

  • An increase in the number of unique impression opportunities/scale (same volume, but without duplicates)

  • Reduced middlemen fees and ad-tech tax

  • More visibility into the supply chain for fraud and quality purposes

  • More integrations without an increase in hosting costs

  • Aubrey Lehrmann

Native ads align content with form, function, and feel of the webpage. When compared to standard display, Native ads can:

  • Drive more attention and brand lift

  • Result in 18% higher lift in purchase intent

  • Increase brand affinity by 9%

  • Drive an 8.8x higher CTR

Execute Native with these recommended PMPs**:

New Native PMPs:

Top-performing favorites:

**Basis login required to view PMP details

We're here to help!

Reach out to your CSM to discuss how Native ads can fit your campaigns and goals.

  • Gabriel Ribadeneira L

Accelerate campaign creation

Two new features to help you build campaigns faster with fewer clicks.

Tactic Templates

Save your most frequently used tactics as templates on Basis. Once saved you are able to re-use these at any time and make any edits to them if needed.

Saving a template:

  1. Open the tactic editor, either by editing an existing tactic or adding a new one.

  2. After you've configured all the settings you need in the tactic editor, click the template icon (next to the Save button).

  3. Give the template a name, and click Save.

Creating new tactics from templates:

  1. When you are in line item view mode of a live media plan, find the group that will contain the new tactic, and click Add tactic from template in the group options menu.

  2. Select the template or templates you want to use, and click Add.

  3. In the tactic editor, make changes you want, and then click Save.

Copy DSP Group and Tactics

When pasting a DSP line item you have copied, now you will be given the option to include groups and tactics. Any domain, exchange or placement optimizations will also be pasted over.