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  • Emily Kennedy

Connecting advertisers with engaged viewers.

Due to a variety of global shifts over the past few years, streaming has surpassed traditional TV as consumers’ video viewing method of choice. In fact, eMarketer predicts that the number of cord-free viewers will outnumber pay-TV viewers by 2024. As a result, a connected TV advertising surge has followed suit.

Tap into one of the fastest-growing channels in advertising with BasisTV+.

With our robust features, Basis customers can reach 93% of US households through premium, brand-safe inventory, access to 1000+ advanced TV targeting parameters, and leverage real-time reporting with 80+ trackable metrics.

More details on Basis inventory, targeting, and measurement features can be found in our BasisTV+ Feature Guides.

Our Customer Success Team is here to help. If you’d like to learn more about how you, or your team, can best utilize all Basis Features, please contact your CSM for more information.


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  • Bryan Quinn

Forecast To Tactic

Save time when creating new tactics and eliminate manual entry errors

The Forecast to Tactic feature allows users to create and populate campaign tactics automatically based on forecast templates.

What are the key benefits?

Save Time & Improve Workflow:

  • Reduce time-consuming manual entry when building new tactics

  • Transfer the exact tactic parameters from saved forecast templates

When selected, tactic targeting parameters are transferred automatically from saved DSP Inventory Forecast Templates.

Transferring Forecasts

  1. In planning mode, select a campaign

  2. After creating a line item and group, tactics can be created

  3. Click the three dots to the left of the GRP

  4. Select “Add tactic from Forecasting”

  5. Click the “+” button next to the desired forecast in the overlay

  6. The forecast will populate into a tactic within the tactic editor

(Note: Instructions assume a forecast has already been created in saved through the DSP Inventory Forecasting)

More information and detailed forecast transfer instructions can be found here.

Feature Spotlight: DSP Inventory Forecasting

Plan better with more accurate and efficient forecasting – A BasisAutomate+ Feature

The DSP Inventory Forecasting tool is an in-platform forecasting tool for reach and spending projections, providing the ability for users to forecast available DSP inventory based on personally selected campaign and targeting parameters.

What are the key benefits?

  • Accurate, Efficient Planning: Plan DSP line items with a standalone, in-platform forecasting tool that sets accurate expectations before a campaign launch

  • Pre-Campaign Testing: Share data with clients and update forecasts based on feedback or new information

  • Incremental Opportunity: Test, Identify and capture incremental client opportunities

  • Transferable Forecast: Transfer forecast into new, populated campaign tactics

The tool is located in the left side menu of Basis, under RESEARCH. It is available to all Basis Platform users. Link to feature in Basis

Additional Resources Available:

Available Education:

Check out this video for a detailed walkthrough of the DSP Inventory Forecasting tool

If you like to become further your education and become a DSP Inventory Forecast expert you can also take the Basis AdTech Academy Course. Take The Course!

New Metric: Net Media Daily Target

Easily see what your search campaigns should be spending on a per-day basis with the new net media daily target metric! The goal of this metric is to give you a target daily spend number for search campaigns based on the budget and days remaining.

What are the key benefits?

Many specialists who run search campaigns rely on external trackers or spreadsheets to calculate this number, which is a time-intensive process prone to manual error. With this new pacing metric, analysts and digital media specialists can easily see if there is a need to shift budget between Google Ads Campaigns or Line Items to improve the campaign performance.

How is the metric calculated?

Net Media Daily Target = (Net Media Contracted - Net Media Spend up to yesterday) ÷ Days Remaining including today.

Where can I see it?

  • Navigate to a specific campaign view.

  • Click on the Analytics tab

  • Click on Search in the Channels pane.

  • See metrics in the Line Item pane.

  • Click on one Line Item.

  • See metrics in the Delivery Sources pane.


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  • Emily Kennedy

On Tuesday, November 1st, we hosted episode 2 of our 3 part "Media Buyer Workflow" Webinar Series. In this 45-minute session with Basis expert Karen Marnul, we covered the following time-saving Basis tools during the campaign launch stage of a campaign:

  • Managing Media Plans

  • Message Center & Comments Feature

  • Tactic Templates

  • Bulk Editing Tools

To finish off the presentation, Karen led a live in-platform demo and interactive Q&A session. In case you missed our discussion or just want to watch it again, you can view the Basis Success webinar recording below. To access dozens of past webinar recordings, check out our webinar library.

Webinar recording:

Stay tuned for an invite to Episode 3, where we will cover the campaign launch stage and tools to help you monitor success. Thank you to all who attended, we can't wait to see you next time!