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The following functions have been added to Campaign Analytics to help you navigate this screen and analyze your campaign's performance.

Changes to the Contextual Menu

  • Click on the contextual menu to view a list of all tactics under a single Group.

  • Click on the contextual menu next to the group name and select the View Tactics (real-time data) option to have a full-screen view of all the tactics within a group.

  • Click on the contextual menu to Send vendor alerts, Adjust delivery, and/or Adjust spend.

Additional Metrics Added

  • Net Data Spend

  • AV Completion Rate (%)

  • Net Media Contracted

  • Net Media Rate Contracted

  • KPI Type

  • Num of Interactions

  • Viewable Impressions

  • Measurable Impressions

  • Audio/Video Starts

New Button Updates

  • Access the Export function by clicking on the export icon instead of under the Actions button.

  • Customize columns and saved views have now been moved under the new settings icon.

  • View and add comments at the line item level by clicking on the dialogue icon.

  • Click on Hide line item to remove the capstone, you can unhide this at any moment.

  • Bulk editing options and in-line editing of Start and End Dates are now available both at the Group and Tactic level

Changes to Columns

  • At the line item level, Search, Social, and Direct line items now show Vendor and Property columns by default.

  • At the tactic level, Optimization Type and Optimization Status have been added as default columns.

  • Optimization KPI Type and Optimization KPI Goal can be added through the customize columns option at the tactic level.

  • You can now select and sort by "Act Start Date" in the Line Item view.


  • Curious about what a metric means? If the name is underlined you can hover it to get an explanation.

  • Messaging has been added to indicate data recency

New Channel

  • Add-ons has been added as a channel.

Screen Customization Options

  • All tactics within a line item can now be viewed by navigating to Line Item/Tactic Split view.

  • Filter by Line Item Status (Completed, Live, Upcoming).

  • You can add Line Item status to customize columns and apply Line Item views.

  • You can now choose the density of all tables when viewing the new analytics screen.

  • In Compact mode, the rows are about 30px in height.

  • In Default mode, the rows are about 38px in height.

  • You can modify what information you want to see using the Customize Columns option of each section (Channels, Line Items, Groups, Tactics) and store these in Basis as a saved view. Learn how to with this video.

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Inventory Directory

  • You are now able to see when a vendor contact was recently active in Basis when clicking into your contact list. From the Inventory Directory, switch to the Vendor tab, and choose a Vendor. When looking at the specific Vendor, in the Contacts tab, you will now see a Last Active colum.

We are now integrated with Taboola!

Taboola powers recommendations for the open web, placing content where people are most likely to engage with your message. The company’s platform, powered by artificial intelligence, is used by digital properties, including websites, devices, and mobile apps, to drive monetization and user engagement.

  • For more information, go to the vendor directory in Basis Platform and click “Open Auction” to access the Inventory screen.

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Welcome to the newest edition of Social Media Innovation List Email! Here are some resources to keep you up-to-date on the latest in Social:

2021 Social eCommerce Forecasts from eMarketer

US Brands see China as a roadmap for social commerce strategies, considering an estimated 50% of consumers there will have used a social network to purchase goods or services by the end of 2024, according to eMarketer. This report talks about the factors, such as live streaming, that are likely to drive social e-commerce strategies in the future.

App Annie: Mobile App Usage Report, 2Q 2021

In this report, App Annie compares mobile app usage in 2Q 2021 to Q4 2019 (pre-pandemic) and finds average monthly time spent on photo and video apps increased 375% over that time period. YouTube and TikTok are among the highest engagement rates worldwide for social and video streaming apps. The average US user now spends 24.5 hours a month on TikTok.

Mexico’s TikTok Base Tripled in 2020

eMarketer recently published a first-ever TikTok user forecast for Mexico, given the app’s download base there ballooned to 150 Million active monthly users last year. Excitement for the platform stems from influencers, as more and more content is being developed and shared in the country.

Google Delays Chrome Tracking Cookies Ban until 2023

The additional time delay will allow for a six-month period where planned changes to third-party cookies will be reviewed by the UK Competition and Markets Authority. When the cookie phase-out does eventually commence, the process will be slowly phased in over a three-month period.

New Feature Announcements:

Microsoft Launches Multimedia Ads Beta

These new Image Ads are featured on the right rail or in the mainline/top of search results pages. While the set-up is similar to Responsive Search Ads (RSA’s), they let you upload site links, copy and images, and serves combinations to users based on what is the best fit for the searcher and query.

Facebook Announces “Optimize Text Per Person” Ad Option

When activated, the new feature lets you highlight either the primary caption, headline or description text for each user, based on which content format that user best responds to. The Roll-out of the feature is ongoing.

Instagram Launches Reels Ads in All Regions

The full-screen video format appears between Reels, can be up to 30 seconds in length, and allow users to comment, like, view, save and share the ads.

Google Ads Search Warning for Queries with Rapidly Changing Results

When a user completes a search where results are rapidly evolving, they will now see a warning notifying them of this fact. The goal of the feature is to highlight reliable search results, especially around breaking news or emerging topics, where the first published article isn’t always the most complete.

TikTok Announces Jump: A New Way to Promote Apps, Programs and Services

Jumps are mini-programs built by third-party providers that creators can link to inside their videos, such as recipes, quizzes, tutorials, and more.

TikTok Launches Resumes for Job Seekers

With a rise in job and career-related content on the platform, TikTok introduced a pilot program where they’ve partnered with select companies to allow candidates to apply for positions by sharing a video resume inside the app. Candidates are encouraged to creatively and authentically showcase their skillsets and experiences when responding to opportunities.

TikTok Takes on Cameo with “Shoutouts”

Users can pay creators and celebrities to send personalized messages in exchange for TikTok coins (which can be purchased using real money in the app.) The new feature is currently only available for certain accounts, in certain regions, but signals toward a new method of allowing creators to monetize the platform.

Platform Insights Spotlight: Below are a slew of new reports and insights released by our partners recently.