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Feature Update: Group Budget Optimization KPIs

An update for one of our newer optimization options is here! If you're using group budget optimization (GBO), you'll now be able to set KPIs for both CPA and CPM. The way this works is while campaigns are in flight, an algorithm will run in real time to automatically shift and allocate budgets to whichever KPI is most important to you. This algorithm considers both performance (based on the KPI specified at the group level) and delivery so that groups still pace property. Check it out in Basis now!


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Live Sports PMP Deals

Once a pillar of broadcast TV, live sports have become the next big thing in streaming. This year there will be 160.2 million live sports viewers in the US, 84.0 million of whom will be digital, according to eMarketer. Discover our newest and featured live sports PMP Deals available in the Inventory Directory including ESPN, NBC Sports, Fubo, CBS Sports, & more.

Here are some of the newest NFL packages:

  1.   NFL Network / NFL +(1463555): This single seller package includes all supply from NFL Enterprises which is a combination of NFL Network and NFL+.  It includes all NFL Network Sunday morning (international games) and two Saturday games (last two weeks of the season).  You can find that schedule of games here: This deal also includes all NFL+ games (mobile and desktop) as highlighted here: NFL+ Games. The balance of the included supply for this deal is NFL surrounding coverage. 

  2. Live Sports – NFL (1463569): This deal covers live NFL game supply including the NFL Enterprises game coverage highlighted above plus Monday Night Football on DIRECTV.

  3. Live Sports – CFB (1463583): This deal includes all live college football games available on DIRECTV.

For more info about our CTV inventory, check out our BasisTV+ Product Guide.

Learn more about the sports broadcast landscape and opportunities here.


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Basis Platform Updates

We are constantly working to improve our platform and offerings. Here’s what’s new:

Are you using Basis to its fullest potential? To help customers identify where automation could be leveraged to increase efficiency, we introduced BasisAutomate+. BasisAutomate+ is an exclusive suite of features designed to help you activate your digital campaigns faster and more effectively. From planning, to performance, to measurement, Basis automates the little things so you can focus on the stuff that really matters. Learn more.

BasisAutomate+ Case Study: Basis Technologies Saves Time for Customer Davis Elen Advertising by Automating Media Buying and Billing Reconciliation

Savvy advertising follows the audience. And now, more than ever, those audiences are flocking to digital video. With BasisTV+, media teams can seamlessly tap into advertising’s fastest-growing channel to drive brand awareness and boost return on ad spend.  

Learn more about BasisTV+ here.

DSP Tactic Change History

Ditch your spreadsheet or notebook because Basis now automatically records the changes and optimizations you make to your DSP tactics! Learn more.

Prepare for a Cookieless Future

Cookie tracking and attribution have been vital components of digital advertising. They’ve allowed us to learn more about consumers and measure our advertising efforts. Without introducing new complex processes, now you can track click-through cookieless conversions for your DSP tactics, in a privacy-compliant way! Learn more.

PMP Deals

Discover our newest and featured PMP Deals available in the Inventory Directory including two LG TV deals and 36 audience targeted CTV deals via Samba TV, Audigent, and Captify. Learn More.

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AdTech Academy New Courses

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CertificationConnected TV Essentials: Basis User Edition

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