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Basis Platform Updates

Basis is constantly improving.

New PMP Categories Are Now Available!

Vertical: Political Accepted

Basis Users can now filter by and select 'Political Accepted' in the Private Marketplace Inventory Directory!

How to find it:

  1. Go to the Inventory Directory using the Navigation Bar on the left-hand side of Basis

  2. Select Private Marketplace at the top of the page

  3. Once in the directory, click the "Filter" button and then “Add New”

  4. Select "Vertical" and search/select “Political Accepted”

  5. Platform deals will appear

New PMP Format: Native

Basis Users can now filter by and select ‘Native’ in the Private Marketplace Inventory Directory!

How to find it:

  1. Go to the Inventory Directory using the Navigation Bar on the left-hand side of Basis

  2. Select Private Marketplace at the top of the page

  3. Once in the directory, click the "Filter" button and then “Add New”

  4. Select "Format" and search/select “Native”

  5. Native deals will appear

Recent Basis Content

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Here’s how automated reporting and visual dashboards can be game changers for marketers—particularly when it comes to client communications. Read more here.

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A cocktail of factors has caused social media companies’ stocks to plummet in recent weeks. Let’s take a quick look at what it all means for digital advertisers. Read more here.

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Upcoming Events

Get Certified in Private Marketplace Essentials!

Private Marketplaces are becoming increasingly important with the deprecation of cookies on the horizon. Take your private marketplace knowledge to the next level in our new (and free!) Private Marketplaces certification.

You’ll learn what a PMP is, what the benefits of, why there has been tremendous growth in this area, and when to use a PMP over the open marketplace. We’ll even give you a sneak peek at how they work in our own technology, Basis. Register for the free course below.

On Our Reading List

LINK: Large Industry News & Knowledge

Basis Technologies' most relevant verticals and what you should know about them. This month we have some interesting content around the travel industry - read below to learn more.

Travel on the Rise

Despite some concerns about the current count of COVID cases, U.S. consumers are excited and eager to travel again. Nearly 60% of U.S. consumers are planning to take at least one vacation this summer. Additionally, consumers are ready to spend on their vacations. 28% of U.S. travelers say they will spend significantly more this summer compared to their 2019 travel budget (prior to the pandemic) due to the increased prices and accumulated savings. As the travel industry returns to normal, brands in the space will need to compete for the already cluttered attention of their target. Brands should use higher frequencies and higher impact media to depict why their services or offerings set them apart from others in the space. Source: Morning Consult, eMarketer

Basis in the News

📰 Running a Campaign is Hard Enough. Try Running a Campaign Without Redistricting Data

Grace Briscoe, SVP of Client Development on our Candidates and Causes team, weighs in on the impact of late redistricting and undecided electoral maps on the 2022 midterms. Read more here.

📰 Programmatic Vendors Step Up Efforts to Win Campaign Dollars

Learn about Basis Technologies’ new offering for political advertisers: state legislative district geo-targeting. Read more here. 📰 Basis Makes List of Top Workplaces in Colorado

Is it any surprise that we landed on this list of the best small companies to work for in CO? Read more here. 📰 Will Commerce Save the Open Web - or Put it Out of its Misery?

Mike Shields recaps a panel titled “Programmatic: Saving the Open Web” from Luma Partners’ Digital Media Summit, which featured Basis Founder + CEO Shawn Riegsecker. Read more here.

📰 Basis Technologies Names Ad Tech Investment Leader Jeff Coon as Chief Strategy Officer

Learn all about Jeff Coon, Basis’ new Chief Strategy Officer who brings more than two decades of experience building strategy and orchestrating alliances in software and advertising industries. Read more here.

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  • Gabriel Ribadeneira L

Say goodbye to spreadsheets and static presentations! Now you can communicate with members inside and outside of your organization through customizable, live dashboards.

With Data Canvas, you can create timely, ongoing, and visual reports that showcase your campaign’s performance, including over 35 metrics across 54 data fields. The feature automates reporting processes for your team, reduces the number of tools your organization needs, and minimizes errors resulting from manual calculations.

Clicks, conversions, video completions, and many other metrics can be added to a dashboard. After tailoring one of the starting templates to your specific needs, you can download and send it, schedule its delivery, and, for the first time, you’ll be able to create an account for your client to log into Basis and check how well their campaigns are performing!

Visual data storytelling

Data Canvas provides timely, ongoing, and visual communication. To use:

  • Determine what metrics you need to report on

  • Choose a starting template

  • Customize it any way you want

  • Share your dashboards with stakeholders

Consolidated tool stack

Data Canvas reduces operational costs resulting from

  • Installing, onboarding, training, maintaining, and support of new tools

  • Manual errors in transferring data from one program to another

  • Processing and managing multiple vendors and partners

Data Canvas has been a huge timesaver! Before I started using this feature, it could take me up to six hours to create a report for my clients. I would have to download several files, sort out the data points that I needed, create graphs and charts, and manually add the information to a presentation I could share.” -Audra Foley, VP of Media, TAG

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  • Emily Kennedy

On Tuesday, June 7th, we had another great Basis Success Webinar, where we talked all about the many political tools and strategies you can leverage this election year using Basis. In this 30-minute session with Basis expert Matan Horenstein, we covered the following topics:

  • Geopolitical Features (Congressional/State District Targeting)

  • Voterfile Ingestion Capabilities

  • Data Integrations (L2, TargetSmart, i360, and more)

  • Political PMP Deals

  • OTT/CTV Tactical Strategy & Best Practices

Below you can find some reminders from the webinar:

  • Audience Matching Requests: Clients should fill out the Voter File Matching Request Form found here.

  • Elections: A friendly reminder to fill out the launch & post-launch form for any election campaign that run in CA, WA, MD, NY, NJ, NV and return it to

  • Political Priority Alias: Should you need some help getting creative approved, please email You will want to give them your Basis Advertiser ID and any Creative IDs you need to be approved ASAP.

In case you missed our discussion or just want to watch again, you can view the Basis Success webinar recording below. Thank you to all who attended, we can't wait to see you next time!

Webinar recording: